If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die – Episode 1 Reaction

It’s an anime about a woman obsessed with an idol so much that she’d ~die~ if her idol got successful enough to perform at the Budokan. But is it any good? Let’s find out!

I have to wonder if they’re actually saying ‘stan’ in Japanese or if that’s just the subtitlers taking liberties with modern Western language.

+ I’ve never understood idol worship (or Seiyuu worship for that matter) so I admit a part of the appeal of this show for me is ‘cringe comedy’ as I watch people get worked up and act like absolute bell-ends when it comes to the favourite idols. But I do understand being obsessed with something in the kind of single-minded, vaguely terrifying to onlookers-way and so the ‘madness’ on display from our characters is at least passingly relateable–which is probably important for your enjoyment of this series.
+ But the show isn’t just about pointing and laughing (or cringing) at obssessive behaviour–it’d be a frankly 2 dimensional experience if that were the case. Honestly there’s a lot of heart and depth to this show and the the idea of exploring a relationship between a low-level underground idol and a passingly self-aware obsessive fan with various neurosis’ is an intoxicating prospect.
+ While not my favourite art-style, I appreciate the more subdued and realistic character designs and colour palette it helps cement this series in reality (something which helps the more outlandish comedic moments feel connected).

So many brief and fleeting encounters.

There’s a great potential beyond the initial ‘shock’ and ‘cringe’ factor of this comedy (which to be honest, if you’ve ever seen idol fans in real life–most of this won’t surprise you at all) which is the beating heart beneath the laughs and silliness. I look forward to seeing where this series goes because it’s honestly pretty refreshing and a really great first episode.

+ Anime Positive score: 84/100 +

Crazy as she is, I believe her.

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