NekoparA – Episode 1 Reaction

It’s cute cat girls in maid outfits serving coffee and cakes–what more could you want?! Oh, you want a review, well I suppose I can offer that much…

Cute is an understatement.

+ If you’ve seen the Nekopara OVA from 2017 everything should be pretty immediately familiar as it more or less takes place straight after that 1 hour episode with only a couple of minutes of the run-time devoted to ‘reminding’ the audience of what came before. Honestly I was expecting it to be a lot worse with regard to rehashing the content of the OVA so the fact that so much is ‘new’ is a boon.
+ Perhaps controversially, all the VA’s (with the exception of our male lead) have been recast. Putting aside the vaguely problematic fact that they’ve replaced the original 40 year-old female VA’s with 20-something VA’s–I honestly thought they did a great job. I didn’t notice any discernible differences in characterisation and the Seiyuu for Vanilla was especially endearing.
+ While the fact that this ‘ecchi-lite’ in almost every regard its still not a completely neutered beast–there were still plenty of sexy moments throughout.
+ It’s just plain fun. Part sitcom-silliness, part cute girls doing cute things, there’s not a lot of shows that just get the chance to be this shamelessly moe without other aspects of a narrative flowing in. The fact we get so much time with the other cat girls aside from main girls Vanilla and Chocola is a massive plus (see next two pictures for evidence of that).


It’s by no means perfect, but it’s still a lot of fun and the fact that it’s continuing on almost exactly from the excellent OVA that came before means it feels a lot more cohesive to the Nekopara anime universe that’s already been established. I don’t expect a lot of lofty things from this series but it’s already proving itself capable of providing a damn good time!

+ Anime Positive score: 85/100 +

More of this please!

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