Smile Down The Runway – Episode 1 Reaction

Super models and fashion design might seem like an unlikely candidate for an anime (and even more so when you consider the manga it’s based on is a Shonen) but maybe it makes more sense than you might think!

The logical progression after supermodel of course.

+ Our two high-school aged protagonists; ‘too short to be a supermodel’ Chiyuki and ‘too poor and fiscally responsible to be a fashion designer’ Ikuto are both immediately compelling characters and it’s hard not to feel sorry for their respective plights–which helps endear you to them straight away.
+ There’s a lot of depth and originality to the side characters, who while only briefly introduced to so far, flesh out this world and make it feel more real and down-to-earth than an anime about something as ‘lavish’ and ‘unattainable’ as professional modelling and fashion design might seem.
+ As far as first episodes go it’s also an emotionally satisfying experience, I probably cried more in this episode than any other first episode this season.

Ikuto’s youngest sister may be an early contender for cutest imouto of the year.

Unexpectedly endearing is how I’d describe this anime’s first episode in a couple of words, I’m already invested in our two main characters’ journey and I can’t wait to see how their journey will progress. A shonen anime about high fashion modelling? Turns out it just works!

+ Anime Positive score: 90/100 +

You go girl!

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