Interspecies Reviewers – Episode 1 Reaction

+ This post contains NSFW imagery +

It’s arguably the most unique anime this season–an anime about a group of dudes who want to have sex with as many monster girl prostitutes in a fantasy world and write reviews about their experiences–obviously it’s a lot more than just that so let’s dig in to what was best about this first episode.

Put away your predjudices because out of the 4 people reviewing these girls, 3 of them pick the one on the left, a.k.a. the 50 year-old human woman.

+ Having a series that’s as sex positive as this show is honestly a breath of fresh air, rarely (if ever) do non-hentai anime–and especially comedy/ecchi anime have anyone have sex let alone multiple protagonists with many monster girls.
+ And the comedic (yet still sexy) framing of the sex is pitch perfect–it’s lighthearted enough to not feel like ~actual~ hentai, the descriptive reviews add realism and depth to the characters and universe but the fan-service is plentiful enough to not feel like we’re missing out on the ‘experience’.
+ Stunk and Zel–the first two male protagonists we meet are ‘typical’ of what you’d expect from an anime about sleeping with monster girl, a.k.a brash and kinda douche-y (though still fun to watch). However it’s the addition of a third protagonist Crimvale–an innocent angel with a broken halo–who gets dragged into the debauchery, who absolutely makes the show. Seriously, he’s probably one of the most purely enjoyable and endearing characters I’ve ever watched–also I’d be lying if a part of the appeal wasn’t the fact that he has both sets of genitals–effectively making Crimvale the first futanari character in a mainstream anime (probably).

Crimvale is so cute!

As a fan and reader of the original manga I was cautiously optimistic but nonetheless wary about how successful an adaptation like this could work. Not the least because of the aforementioned rarity of sex scenes in non-hentai anime. Not only were my expectations met, but exceeded with all the comedy in-tact, the characters done justice and the fan-service vastly increased in both quality and quantity from the manga. Since watching the first episode I can’t help but keep thinking about it and will most likely rewatch the episode every day until episode 2 comes out.

+Anime Positive score: 95/100 +


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