Asteroid In Love – Episode 2 Reaction

Last episode made a considerable impact on me, proving itself to be a powerhouse CGDCT anime in a very short space of time (with the emphasis on “space”) but how does the second episode measure up?

When the show reviews itself.

+ For a school based club anime, I was very appreciative of the fact that this episode almost entirely takes place outside of the classroom. It made for a nice change of pace–usually an ‘outing’-type episode doesn’t occur til much later in the season!
+ I didn’t expect the girls of the astronomy side of the club to be so interested in the geology side of their combined club and vice versa–they’ve seemingly integrated quite quickly which is refreshing but also makes me wonder what possible ‘conflict’ (and I use the term loosely) will come in future episodes.
+ So many of these girls are gay as heck for each other! Sure it’s the kind of “Oh wow she’s so cute” and ‘vaguely pervert side-character takes candid photos of other girls’-shtick but I eat this shit up. Gimme moar!
+ Also it’s a hot springs episode (the second half) and it’s educational! What more could you want?!

Butt jokes seem appropriate.

When a cute girl anime manages to be consistently excellent in its second episode its always a positive sign–likewise when it manages to surprise in regard to shaking up a familiar format or expected trajectory. The show is still cute, still funny and still entertaining.

+ Anime Positive score: 92/100 +

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I’d rather you focus it on Uranus 😉

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