Seton Academy: Join The Pack! – Episode 2 Reaction

I don’t normally talk about episode titles of any given anime but when a show has an episode called ‘Why Females Put XXX in Their Mouths’ needless to say you have my attention… what does “XXX” refer to? Is it just clickbait in the form of episode titles? Let’s find out!

‘Interspecies’ you say…

+ I’ll save the suspense for anyone actually curious about that episode title. The answer is poop, I don’t know why they decided to gender it (again, maybe for the clickbait potential) but the first half of this episode centres around the eating of poop. Honestly it’s kind of worth keeping the ‘why’ of it unspoiled because half the comedy of it is in the shock and surprise, but it is funny.
+ On a related note, we’re introduced to three new girls this episode, the first of which is a cute koala girl Yukari–and while I’m a little disappointed that she’s not voiced by actual Australian/Japanese voice actor Uchida Shuu–she is wonderful and her introductory part was ridiculous and hilarious.
+ The other two girls are unique enough and pretty fun, Kurumi the cat girl and Miyubi the sloth girl have fun quirks and the fact our cast has expanded so quick makes me interested as to where this series will head next.
+ There’s some very nice fan-service in the episode too including a Food Wars-style ‘reaction’ (it’s the featured image of this post)…

Protecc this cute sloth girl.

While I admit a lot of the appeal of the first half of the episode is in the pure shock value of the scatological humour (and the revelations about koalas in general) there’s still a great deal of fun to be had. And w.+re’s an intentional journey and character progression they are building towards–which softens the blow a little.

+ Anime Positive score: 85/100 +

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