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Hi, my name is Matt and this is ‘Anime Positive’ a place for me to talk about all the current season and previous season anime I want (as well as some stray thoughts on manga too). My favourite and preferred anime genres are ‘Cute Girls Doing Cute Things’ shows, ‘Ecchi’ and ‘Harem’ anime, a.k.a. all the kinds of anime that are constantly misrepresented by Western reviewers.

So where did the idea for ‘Anime Positive’ come about? Simply put it was a need for positive content in my life about all of the anime I love. Too often I felt that people reviewing anime (especially seasonal episodic anime) were over-critical and nit-picky to the point of exhaustion and it made the effort of interacting with said community something I’d dread. I longed for a place I could share everything I loved about the anime I watch and not have to make concessions for my bias’. And thus begins ‘Anime Positive’ a place for me to indulge in everything I love without worrying about my opinions being questioned and criticized. Yes, this is an echo chamber but it’s my echo chamber and it’s about anime so where’s the harm?

Anyway, this is my site, I hope you enjoy what I have to say and while I won’t be engaging much on WordPress.com you can contact me via gmail (animepositve@gmail.com) and/or Twitter if you want to.

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